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Naming - Location

Local native name: Isla Alegranza
Archipelago (island group): Chinijo Archipelago - Canary Islands
Neighboring islands
(Island hopping):
1) Montaña Clara 11.3 km SouthSouthWest
2) Graciosa 15.9 km SouthSouthWest
3) Lanzarote 41.1 km SouthWest
4) Isla de Lobos 75.8 km SouthWest
5) Fuerteventura 117.2 km SouthWest
Country: Spain
Location in Country: Southwest
Name Comunidad autónoma: Autonomous Community Canary Islands
Name Provincia: Province Las Palmas
Sea: Atlantic Ocean
Distance to main land: 170 km
Nearest Country: Marocco
Type Rock outcrop: vulcanic
island-Type: island in sea
Remarks: Island is part of Parque Natural del Archipelago Chinijo. Scientists on the island present. Lighthouse Punta Delgada on the east side of the island (historic monument)

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