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Naming - Location

Local native name: Ilhéu Chão
Archipelago (island group): Desertas Islands
Neighboring islands
(Island hopping):
1) Ilhas Desertas 508 km West
2) Ilhas Desertas 13404 km WestNorthWest
3) Madeira 20585 km SouthEast
4) La Palma 430744 km WestSouthWest
5) Tenerife 443723 km West
6) Alegranza 454108 km NorthWest
7) Montaña Clara 462455 km NorthWest
8) Graciosa 465310 km NorthWest
9) Lanzarote 470611 km NorthWest
10) La Gomera 488159 km West
11) Fuerteventura 491699 km WestNorthWest
12) Gran Canaria 495396 km West
13) Isla de Lobos 496742 km WestNorthWest
14) El Hierro 540701 km WestSouthWest
15) Santa Maria 911916 km SouthEast
16) São Miguel 970258 km SouthEast
17) Ilhéu de Vila Franca 988626 km SouthEast
18) Perejil Island 1088041 km NorthNorthEast
19) Terceira 1165377 km SouthEast
20) Peñon de Vélez de la Gomera 1167232 km NorthNorthEast
21) Peñon de Alhucemas 1204790 km NorthNorthEast
22) São Jorge 1210455 km SouthEast
23) Pico 1224208 km SouthEast
24) Graciosa 1251388 km SouthEast
25) Isla de San Martiño o del Sur 1260785 km EastNorthEast
Country: Portugal
Location in Country: West-southwest
Name Região Autónoma: Autonomous Region Madeira
Name Concelho: municipality Santa Cruz
Sea: Atlantic Ocean
Distance to main land: 634 km
Nearest Country: Marocco
Type Rock outcrop: vulcanic
island-Type: island in sea
Remarks: nature area

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