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Naming - Location

Local native name: Vlieland
Archipelago (island group): Wadden Islands
Neighboring islands
(Island hopping):
1) Richel 1462 km NorthNorthWest
2) Texel 2566 km West
3) Terschelling 6527 km EastNorthEast
4) Griend 10867 km NorthNorthWest
5) Noorderhaaks - De razende bol 27508 km WestSouthWest
6) Ameland 37570 km NorthNorthEast
7) Het Rif 64588 km NorthNorthEast
8) Engelsmanplaat 65075 km NorthNorthEast
9) Schiermonnikoog 70473 km NorthNorthEast
10) Zuidelijke Ballastplaat 72427 km North
11) Simonszand 89662 km NorthNorthEast
12) Rottumerplaat 93820 km NorthNorthEast
13) Pampus 94746 km West
14) Rottumeroog 100758 km NorthNorthEast
15) Zuiderduintjes 101503 km NorthNorthEast
16) Borkum 108096 km NorthNorthEast
17) Robinson Crusoë 113224 km West
18) Markus Pos 113693 km West
19) Geitekaai 114275 km West
20) Meent 115346 km West
21) Juist 123913 km NorthNorthEast
22) Norderney 142420 km NorthNorthEast
23) Middenplaat 151672 km WestSouthWest
24) Baltrum 157081 km NorthNorthEast
25) Rietplaat 162265 km West
Country: The Netherlands
Location in Country: North-northwest
Name Provincie: Province Friesland
Name Gemeente: Municipality Vlieland
Main place: Oost-Vlieland
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Oost-Vlieland (WestNorthWest)

Location Main place: East-southeast
Sea: Wadden Sea
Distance to main land: 25 km
Nearest Country: The Netherlands
Type Rock outcrop: sand
island-Type: island in sea
Remarks: It was only around the Middle Ages Vlieland became an independent island, before that time it was connected to Texel (the Eierland part). Now the Eierlandse Gat (consisting of the main channels Engelmansgat and Robbengat) forms the separation between the two islands. Vlieland is the second inhabited Wadden Island seen from the west and has the least number of inhabitants after Schiermonnikoog (1138). There is only one village on the Frisian island named Oost-Vlieland. This makes the municipality of Vlieland the second most sparsely populated municipality in the Netherlands. Until the 18th century there were two villages on the island, but the village of West-Vlieland disappeared in the sea in the 18th century due to coastal erosion. The vast nature reserve 'de Vliehors', actually a large beach plain, on the west side of the island serves as a NATO military training area for the air force. Planted forests are located on the east side of the island around the village of Oost-Vlieland. The highest point of all the Wadden Islands together is located on Vlieland and is formed by the Vuurboetsduin (45 meters high) on which there is also a lighthouse. It is not possible to visit the island from Harlingen by car or motorcycle, but the inhabitants themselves are allowed to own a car. Vlieland has a small-scaled environment with two supermarkets, a bakery, a butcher and a harbor shop. Vlieland also has a harbor on the far east side with space for around 300 boats.

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