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Naming - Location

Local native name: Wolin
Neighboring islands
(Island hopping):
1) Chrząszczewska Wyspa 670 km North
2) Usedom 2830 km South
3) Rügen 53699 km SouthEast
4) Bornholm 108927 km East
5) Møn 160574 km SouthEast
6) Falster 166106 km SouthSouthEast
7) Lolland 178520 km SouthSouthEast
8) Bogø 179297 km SouthEast
9) Poel 181608 km South
10) Seeland 181812 km SouthEast
11) Nyord 182297 km SouthEast
12) Fehmarn 200242 km SouthSouthEast
13) Saltholm 211035 km EastSouthEast
14) Femø 211356 km SouthEast
15) Amager 211918 km EastSouthEast
16) Fejø 214921 km SouthSouthEast
17) Hanö 219927 km East
18) Ivö 229580 km East
19) Utlängan 230772 km EastNorthEast
20) Ostrów Lednicki 234182 km NorthWest
21) Sturkö 235515 km EastNorthEast
22) Aspö 236121 km East
23) Ven 241271 km EastSouthEast
24) Agersø 243286 km SouthEast
25) Omø 243843 km SouthEast
Country: Poland
Location in Country: West-northwest
Name województwo: West Pomeranian Voivodeship
Name Powiat: Kamien County
Main place: Swinoujscie (oostelijke helft)
Places portal2europe
(sister website):
Chynowo (Central)
Dargobadz (Central)
Darzowice (EastSouthEast)
Domyslow (Central)
Jarzebowo (SouthWest)
Karnocice (Central)
Kodrab (East)
Kodrabek (Central)
Kolczewo (West)
Korzecin (SouthWest)
Ladzin (Central)
Lojszyno (Central)
Lubin (SouthWest)
Luskowo (Central)
Miedzywodzie (Central)
Miedzyzdroje (Central)
Mokrzyca Mala (SouthEast)
Mokrzyca Wielka (Central)
Plocin (SouthEast)
Rabiaz (Central)
Rekowo (Central)
Sieroslaw (Central)
Sulomino (SouthSouthEast)
Unin (EastSouthEast)
Wapnica (Central)
Warnowo (Central)
Wicko (Central)
Wiselka (NorthNorthEast)
Wolin (SouthEast)
Zastan (Central)
Zolwino wojewodztwo zachodniopomorskie powiat kamienski (Central)

Location Main place: West
Sea: Baltic Sea
Distance to main land: 0.1 km
Nearest Country: Poland
Type Rock outcrop: sand
island-Type: island in sea - lagoon

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Wolin map

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