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The inhabited small island of Groix is located in the country of France, Western Europe. The distance to the mainland is about 5.2 km. The surface-area of the island is 15.4 km2 and is therefore 0.041 x times greater than the island of Isle of Wight. The island lies in the Bay of Biscay and the total coastal length is about 22.8 km and the length of the island is about km. The island is West-northwest - East-southeast oriented. The highest point is 48 meter. The coordinates (latitude, longitude) of the island (center) for GPS are 47.64 (47°38'13.8768), -3.46 (-3°27'53.0568).

The population is 2266 and the population density is thus on 153 inhabitants per square kilometer (compared Isle of Wight 364 inhabitants / km²). The capital of the island is Loctudy-Le Borug (located in the North-northwest of the island). Other places on the island are: Port-Tudy (NNW), Locmaria (ZW). The island is located in the West of the country France. It is located in the administrative unit Region Brittany (local administrative level-name région), in the Departement Morbihan (local administrative level-name Département). Direct neighboring islands of Groix are (distance from central part island to central part of the neighboring islands):

1) Île du Loc'h Located 40.6 km WestNorthWest of the island.
2) Belle-Île-en-Mer Located 41 km SouthSouthEast of the island.
3) Île-aux-Moines Located 46.3 km EastSouthEast of the island.
4) Île-d'Houat Located 46.7 km SouthEast of the island.
5) Île d'Arz Located 50.1 km EastSouthEast of the island.

The island is accessible by car (by means of ferry or bridge). The distance from Western-Europe (The Netherlands) is about 1022 km. There is a ferry connection for cars to the mainland. For pedestrians, there is a ferry connection to the mainland also. Far as is known, there are good cycling opportunities on the island.
The source material on the island consists of rocky surface. The land use on the island of Groix consists of nature 6.9 km2 (45%), and agriculture 6.7 km2 (44%),

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