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The uninhabited small island of Isla de Salvora is part of (the island group) islands coast Galicia and is located in the country of Spain, Southern Europe. The distance to the mainland is about 3.2 km. The surface-area of the island is 2.1 km2 and is therefore 0.006 x times greater than the island of Isle of Wight. The island lies in the Atlantic Ocean and the total coastal length is about 9.1 km and the dimensions of the island are approximately 2.3 km by 1.3 km (maximum width). The island is North-northwest - South-southeast oriented. The highest point is 71 meter and is named As Gralleiras. The coordinates (latitude, longitude) of the island (center) for GPS are 42.47 (42°28'24.4884), -9.01 (-9°0'4.2174).

It is located in the administrative unit Autonomous Community Galicia (local administrative level-name Comunidad autónoma), in the Province Corunna (local administrative level-name Provincia). Direct neighboring islands of Isla de Salvora are (distance from central part island to central part of the neighboring islands):

1) Isla de Ons Located 12.6 km SouthSouthEast of the island.
2) Isla de La Toja Located 13.5 km East of the island.
3) Isla de Arosa Located 13.9 km EastNorthEast of the island.
4) Isla Cortegada Located 24.3 km EastNorthEast of the island.
5) Islas Cies Located 28.5 km South of the island.

There is a ferry connection for cars to the mainland. For pedestrians, there is a ferry connection to the mainland also. There are ferry connections with car to other (neighboring) island (s). There are also (seasonal) ferry connections for pedestrians (-cyclists) with other (neighboring) island(s). Far as is known, there are good cycling opportunities on the island.
The land use on the island of Isla de Salvora consists of nature 2.2 km2 (100%),

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