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Physical characteristics - Location

Coordinates: long: -3.08526 lat : 59.00513
Coordinates (gr,min,sec): long: -3°5'6.9216 lat : 59°0'18.4824
Surface area: 493.6 km2 (1.3 x Isle of Wight)
Length coastline: 297.4 km
Average height: 51 metre
Length island: 42.5 km
Maximum width island (estimate): 22.7 km
Name : Mid Hill (271 metre)
Orientation island: Northwest - Southeast

Demographic data island

Habited: Yes
Number of inhabitants: 15315
Population density: 29.3 inh/km2
Important places (direction): Stromness (ZW), Birsay (NW)

Naming - Location

Local native name: Mainland Orkney
Archipelago (island group): Orkney Islands
Country: Great Britain
Country-section: Scotland
Location in Country: North
Name council area: Council area Orkney Islands
Name Ward: Ward West Mainland
Main place: Kirkwall
Location Main place: North-northeast
Sea: North Sea
Distance to main land: 27.8 km
Nearest Country: Great Britain
island-Type: island in sea
Remarks: Known for Skara Brae - settlement from the Neolithic.

Topographic islandmap Mainland Orkney

Mainland Orkney map

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Relief: Height Classes in percentages

Relief: Slope Classes in percentages

Weather at Mainland Orkney

Weather Type: Mostly Cloudy
Current temperature: 12.4 degrees Celcius wunderground
Wind: From the SSE at 3.6 MPH Gusting to 7.4 MPH
Winddirection: SSE
Atmospheric pressure: 1003 mb
Weather-page: Mainland Orkney

Climate: Temperature and Precipitation

Transport on your island-holiday

coming soon: car rental
Directly accessible from Western Europe (The Netherlands) by plane: No
International airport present : No
Accessible by car: Yes
Distance from Western Europe (The Netherlands) (rough estimate): 1201 km
Ferry connection - Car - Car - with mainland: Yes
Boat Connection - pedestrian - with mainland: Yes
Ferry - Car - connect with another island - Island hopping: Yes
Boat Connection - pedestrian - with another island: Yes
Bicycle facilities: Yes

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Landuse Mainland Orkney

 Forest   0 km2 
 Nature   90.4 km2 
 Agriculture   339.3 km2 
 Wet nature   49.7 km2 
 Water   7.7 km2 
 Urban area   5.2 km2 
 Infrastructure   1.4 km2 
 Viticulture   0 km2 
 Rock outcrop   0 km2