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Campings at Sylt ?> Camping 1) Campingplatz Wenningstedt
2) Dunen-Campingplatz Westerland
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Naming - Location

Local native name: Sylt
Archipelago (island group): North Frisian Islands
Neighboring islands
(Island hopping):
1) Rømø 2.8 km NorthEast
2) Amrum 4.8 km SouthEast
3) Föhr 6.7 km EastSouthEast
4) Mandø 24.5 km NorthNorthEast
5) Pellworm 29.9 km SouthEast
6) Fanø 31.5 km North
7) Heligoland-Düne 65.8 km SouthSouthWest
8) Heligoland 66.9 km SouthSouthWest
9) Als 75 km East
10) Bågø 89.3 km EastNorthEast
11) Funen 91.2 km EastNorthEast
12) Lyø 106.1 km East
13) Wangerooge 108.3 km SouthSouthWest
14) Ærø 110.4 km East
15) Spiekeroog 111.6 km SouthSouthWest
16) Langeoog 118 km SouthSouthWest
17) Baltrum 125.5 km SouthSouthWest
18) Norderney 128.9 km SouthSouthWest
19) Tåsinge 130.5 km East
20) Langeland 135.3 km East
21) Endelave 136.9 km NorthEast
22) Juist 141.1 km SouthSouthWest
23) Samsø 154.5 km EastNorthEast
24) Lolland 158.3 km East
25) Borkum 159.5 km SouthWest
Country: Germany
Location in Country: North-northwest
Name Land: State Schleswig-Holstein
Name Kreis: District Nordfriesland
Main place: Westerland
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(sister website):
Sylt:Archsum (SouthEast)
Wenningstedt-Braderup (Sylt):Braderup (Central)
Hoernum (WestNorthWest)
Kampen (Sylt) (NorthNorthEast)
Sylt:Keitum (Central)
List:Klappholttal (NorthNorthEast)
List (NorthNorthEast)
Moevenberg (NorthNorthEast)
Sylt:Morsum (EastSouthEast)
Sylt:Munkmarsch (Central)
Sylt:Rantum (Sylt) (SouthSouthWest)
Wenningstedt-Braderup (Sylt):Wenningstedt (Central)
List:Westerheide (NorthNorthEast)
Sylt:Westerland (Central)

Location Main place: West
Sea: Wadden Sea
Nearest Country: The Netherlands
Type Rock outcrop: sand
island-Type: island in sea
Remarks: island connected to mainland through Hindenburgdamm

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