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Naming - Location

Local native name: Isla de Isabel II
Archipelago (island group): Chafarinas Islands
Neighboring islands
(Island hopping):
1) Isla del Rey 0.139 km EastSouthEast
2) Isla del Congreso 0.644 km West
3) Isla de Alboran 99.9 km NorthWest
4) Peñon de Alhucemas 132.8 km West
5) Peñon de Vélez de la Gomera 169.8 km West
6) Perejil Island 282.4 km WestNorthWest
7) Isla Mayor o del Baron 315.4 km NorthNorthEast
8) Tabarca 373.7 km NorthNorthEast
9) Benidorm Island 421.3 km NorthNorthEast
10) Formentera 512.4 km NorthEast
11) Vedrà 519.7 km NorthEast
12) Ibiza 522.4 km NorthEast
13) Espalmador 525.7 km NorthEast
14) Espardell 530 km NorthEast
15) Conejera 530.9 km NorthEast
16) Tagomago 559.6 km NorthEast
17) Islas Columbretes 590.7 km NorthNorthEast
18) Dragonera 642.4 km NorthEast
19) Mallorca 642.5 km NorthEast
20) Cabrera 645.8 km NorthEast
21) Conejera 651.9 km NorthEast
22) Menorca 762.3 km NorthEast
23) Illa d’en Colom 794 km NorthEast
24) Santa Clara eiland 904.1 km North
25) Medes Islands 906.3 km NorthNorthEast
Country: Spain
Location in Country: South
Name Comunidad autónoma: Autonomous Community Andalusia
Name Provincia: Province Almería
Main place: Isla Isabel II
Location Main place: Center
Sea: Alboran Sea
Distance to main land: 2 km
Nearest Country: Marocco
Type Rock outcrop: vulcanic
island-Type: island in sea
Remarks: At the Moroccan coast

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