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Naming - Location

Local native name: Isole Cheradi
Archipelago (island group):
Neighboring islands
(Island hopping):
1) Corfu 223.6 km EastSouthEast
2) Palagruža 227.4 km NorthNorthWest
3) Isola di San Domino 230.1 km NorthWest
4) Isola di San Nicola 230.3 km NorthWest
5) Isola di Capraia 231.1 km NorthWest
6) Ada Bojana 240.4 km NorthEast
7) Katič 243.5 km NorthEast
8) Sveta Neđelja 243.7 km NorthEast
9) Capri 244 km West
10) Mamula 244.6 km NorthNorthEast
11) Stromboli 244.9 km SouthWest
12) Sveti Nikola 245.2 km NorthEast
13) Gospa od Milosti 251.1 km NorthNorthEast
14) Sveti Marko 251.4 km NorthNorthEast
15) Mljet 252.1 km North
16) Lastovo 252.5 km North
17) Lopud 254.5 km NorthNorthEast
18) Kolocep 254.8 km NorthNorthEast
19) Šipan 256.4 km NorthNorthEast
20) Procida 265 km West
21) Panarea 267.9 km SouthWest
22) Ischia 270.5 km West
23) Korcula 271.5 km North
24) Sicily 274 km SouthSouthWest
25) Proizd 283.8 km North
Location in Country:
Name :
Name :
Distance to main land: 2.7 km
Nearest Country:
Type Rock outcrop: rocky surface
island-Type: island in sea

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