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Physical characteristics - Location

Coordinates: long: -13.82144 lat : 28.74999
Coordinates (gr,min,sec): long: -13°49'17.1948 lat : 28°44'59.9496
Surface area: 4.4 km2 (0.012 x Isle of Wight)
Length coastline: 11.5 km
Average height: 17 metre
Length island: 2.2 km
Maximum width island (estimate): 2 km
Name : La Caldera (127 metre)
Orientation island: South-southwest - North-northeast

Demographic data island

Habited: No
Number of inhabitants: 0
Population density: 0 inh/km2

Naming - Location

Local native name: Isla de Lobos
Archipelago (island group): Canary Islands
Neighboring islands
(Island hopping):
1) Lanzarote 35 km NorthEast
2) Fuerteventura 41.3 km SouthWest
3) Graciosa 61.6 km NorthEast
4) Montaña Clara 64.8 km NorthEast
5) Alegranza 75.8 km NorthEast
Country: Spain
Location in Country: Southwest
Name Comunidad autónoma: Autonomous Community Canary Islands
Name Provincia: Province Las Palmas
Main place: El Puertito (tbv dayrecreation)
Location Main place: South
Sea: Atlantic Ocean
Distance to main land: 127 km
Nearest Country: Marocco
Type Rock outcrop: vulcanic
island-Type: island in sea
Remarks: Day trips possible from Corralejo (Fuerteventura)

Topographic islandmap Isla de Lobos

Isla de Lobos map

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Relief: Height Classes in percentages

Relief: Slope Classes in percentages

Weather at Isla de Lobos

The weather type in Corralejoclear skyweericoon
Current temperature: 28 degrees Celcius
Precipitation last 3 hours: No precipitation
Wind: 6.76 meter per second (Wind force - bft 4)
Winddirection: North
Atmospheric pressure: 1017 mb
Humidity: 74 %
Daylength at 16 September 2021:12 hour and 19 minutes
Sunrise: 08:40 Europe/Amsterdam
Sunset: 20:59 Europe/Amsterdam
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Climate: Temperature and Precipitation

Transport on your island-holiday

Directly accessible from Western Europe (The Netherlands) by plane: No
International airport present : No
Accessible by car: No
Distance from Western Europe (The Netherlands) (rough estimate): 3891 km
Ferry connection - Car - Car - with mainland: Yes
Boat Connection - pedestrian - with mainland: Yes
Bicycle facilities: No

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Landuse Isla de Lobos

 Forest   0 km2 
 Nature   1.8 km2 
 Agriculture   0 km2 
 Wet nature   0 km2 
 Water   0.1 km2 
 Urban area   0 km2 
 Infrastructure   0 km2 
 Viticulture   0 km2 
 Rock outcrop   2.5 km2